Worst of All!

There is one thing I have always hated and ran away from. Whenever it has come to sketch or draw or even coloring or painting, I never was good in it and am not even now.

It has always been something which I couldn’t do and couldn’t even improve. But I always admire whenever I see any perfect sketch or beautiful painting and those artists have always inspired me.

As I have always been worst in sketching, I kept it away as I never improved. But a fact is that I never gave it enough time maybe.

Whenever I was bored from studies, instead of closing books and leave it to be, I sometimes used to start drawing random lines straight or curved, joining them together making it some weirdo stuff. Well it got better when I started doing more often and one of them looked really good so I shared it online.

I don’t know what to call it doodle or whatever but I have continued to sketch this stuff more often.

Yes, this happens..!!


Keep loving and keep smiling,



Light or Darkness [Liminality]

Light Up!!

Well I am not a pro blogger. But I surely am trying to express my thoughts in the best and easiest way possible. Being a beginner and new on WordPress, as I got some time spared from everything, I was just looking and discovering all about this site. So I found this daily and weekly challenges and they are amazing.

One-word prompt, this reminded me of my high school period when I was doing O Levels, and for preparing our English examinations, how we were given a topic to write about. It has been a while since I have done this. As I am from Pakistan and English is not the first language, it surely is difficult for me to write in a proper way but we learn, try and improve.

So the topic I read, Liminal. Wow, the first thing came in my mind was “that’s a new word!” and then I was in this liminal thought of “shall I write about it or not?”

Then I was like how am I supposed to write about something which I didn’t even understand. Haha.

So I looked it up off course to take my mind out of that liminal state where my thought was hanging between to write or not to write.

This is my 6th post and I had no idea what to write about, so luckily there is something now. And yeah I learned a new word, an addition in my vocabulary.

In a state of stress, depression, anger and out of all hopes; every person start to change. There comes a point in these times when you no longer are able to think straight and get stuck in that liminality of keep going or give up; be who you are or be someone you never were; become stronger on a way you are or take a short-way never realizing how harmful it would be either for you or for someone around.

The idea is to remain optimistic. This all depends on person itself. In situations like these, the only step to take is towards positivity. Maybe it would be hardest but believe me in the end you will come out of it to be a better person than you were. But for that, you yourself have to move towards that betterment for your own sake. All endings are not happy, but even the little happiness can make you feel alive again.

The darkness is nothing but the absence of light, and that light has to be searched which would always be within you somewhere. Keep looking for it and follow the trail.

Keep loving and keep smiling,


Running Late but..

Sometimes the beauty around you attracts you so much that you put aside everything from your mind and start admiring your surroundings. And yeah maybe try to snap a picture.

This is what happened to me last week. It was a really pleasant weather. Cold breezes, separated clouds, partially sunny but not hot but that winter sunshine you need to feel the warm in cold. Such a beautiful weather it was.

I was running late for my class and was walking fast towards the lecture hall when I saw above me. That moment I thought to stop by and have a timely picture but well I tried to…


Keep loving and keep smiling,



Although I am not much of a reader but recently a friend suggested me to read this book “Like the Flowing River” from the author Paulo Coelho. I guess almost everyone would have read his book The Alchemist, and I haven’t even read that. Haha.

Well, I thought to borrow this book and give it a read..

And the first two pages of the preface seemed to be so hilarious that I laughed at some points and till I stopped reading these few pages I had that constant smile. Let it be any writer, any author, they are genius I think so. The way they create their interaction with the reader through mere words is so creative and inspiring and amazing.

The book is full of short stories, and the beginning is really interesting so I will try to finish it soon. Let’s see how it goes further.


Keep loving and keep smiling,



Photography is the easiest way to make others look what you see, how world is through your perspective.

Every photographer has different way of looking through those lenses which brings out a unique result of their snap. I am not much of a photographer, and I also don’t use any professional camera and/or accessories. But I have been following many photographers on Facebook and Instagram, and I am always amazed by their photos.

So well few days back I was on my way back from university in evening and I just looked above to see how those separated clouds, blue sky in between, are partial white and grey fluff and partial orange as if burning on fire. I just thought this sunset would be beautiful to capture, so as I reached home I just kept going upstairs towards the terrace of the building from where I can have a good view of the open sky.

And that beauty surely left me awestruck. The way nature play with the colors is so perfect and artistic. Any picture is not good enough to justify that beauty but I tried to capture that beauteous moment.

Sunsets are so gorgeous..


Keep loving and keep smiling,



I Wonder…

I have been looking for a topic to blog about and yet there isn’t much to designate them in proper words and sentences.

But I have tried to figure out to talk about my hobby I discovered not long ago.

I love to capture whatever I see beautiful and mesmerizing. Moments, nature and/or anything around which really attracts. You know what, nature has its own way to attract. And I always try to capture what I see from my perspective. It recalls a good memory.

I have found myself lost many many times staring that beautiful blue sky, with a bright star to stare and light this earth, covered with those fluffy white and grey trails of clouds, glowing like a neon around sun, refracting and throwing those sun rays on ground as if some fairies and angels would be descending in that.

Sometimes those cold orange sunsets, with a gentle breeze shivering the body with a good chill. A coffee is best for a time like these.

At first I used to take a photo and edit it. I never used to wait for a timely picture or watching out for a good angle to click. But I kept trying, learning, and getting better at it.

I still do this that if I am walking by and I see that uniqueness in the sky and feel like to save it, I just stop take a snap and keep walking. And many times it gives a surprisingly good result than I thought it would be.

Every photo which I capture makes me love it and capture more. I am not perfect not even good enough but I keep trying to improve and make it better next time.

In the coming posts, I would be sharing some of those beautiful moments which made me wonder how beautiful nature could be.


Keep loving and keep smiling,


Let’s Begin

Actually I don’t know where to begin with or what to start this with. But I have these urges to write. There are so many things in mind yet I am unable to put them down in words. Do I read books? No. Not at all. I guess this is the reason that I am unable to write or I am weak with the vocabulary thingy..

Well I don’t know. But I tried man, I tried so hard to start reading books but here I am still trying since a year *chuckles*.

What I strongly believe is to do something, the motivation has to come from within. Nothing changes until you yourself don’t really stand for it and want to change it. Struggling within, and with yourself is the real thing. To think that it will happen itself is a mockery, I would say. An imagination without an aim is just a useless daydream I think.

Miracles happen, if and only if you work hard for it, you prepare yourself for it. It will happen itself, nahh bruh it doesn’t work like that.

That’s too much of boring talk right!! *smiles*. But it’s a fact though.

Right now, at this moment, I really don’t know how I will be writing more or what I will be writing about or how often am I going to write. I have just started walking on a path without any destination decided yet, sometimes it is better that way. But what I am thinking is that lets start reading books to come up with better word assembling thingy.

So yeah, let’s begin and see to what end this leads us.

Keep loving and keep smiling,