Let’s Begin

Actually I don’t know where to begin with or what to start this with. But I have these urges to write. There are so many things in mind yet I am unable to put them down in words. Do I read books? No. Not at all. I guess this is the reason that I am unable to write or I am weak with the vocabulary thingy..

Well I don’t know. But I tried man, I tried so hard to start reading books but here I am still trying since a year *chuckles*.

What I strongly believe is to do something, the motivation has to come from within. Nothing changes until you yourself don’t really stand for it and want to change it. Struggling within, and with yourself is the real thing. To think that it will happen itself is a mockery, I would say. An imagination without an aim is just a useless daydream I think.

Miracles happen, if and only if you work hard for it, you prepare yourself for it. It will happen itself, nahh bruh it doesn’t work like that.

That’s too much of boring talk right!! *smiles*. But it’s a fact though.

Right now, at this moment, I really don’t know how I will be writing more or what I will be writing about or how often am I going to write. I have just started walking on a path without any destination decided yet, sometimes it is better that way. But what I am thinking is that lets start reading books to come up with better word assembling thingy.

So yeah, let’s begin and see to what end this leads us.

Keep loving and keep smiling,



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