I Wonder…

I have been looking for a topic to blog about and yet there isn’t much to designate them in proper words and sentences.

But I have tried to figure out to talk about my hobby I discovered not long ago.

I love to capture whatever I see beautiful and mesmerizing. Moments, nature and/or anything around which really attracts. You know what, nature has its own way to attract. And I always try to capture what I see from my perspective. It recalls a good memory.

I have found myself lost many many times staring that beautiful blue sky, with a bright star to stare and light this earth, covered with those fluffy white and grey trails of clouds, glowing like a neon around sun, refracting and throwing those sun rays on ground as if some fairies and angels would be descending in that.

Sometimes those cold orange sunsets, with a gentle breeze shivering the body with a good chill. A coffee is best for a time like these.

At first I used to take a photo and edit it. I never used to wait for a timely picture or watching out for a good angle to click. But I kept trying, learning, and getting better at it.

I still do this that if I am walking by and I see that uniqueness in the sky and feel like to save it, I just stop take a snap and keep walking. And many times it gives a surprisingly good result than I thought it would be.

Every photo which I capture makes me love it and capture more. I am not perfect not even good enough but I keep trying to improve and make it better next time.

In the coming posts, I would be sharing some of those beautiful moments which made me wonder how beautiful nature could be.


Keep loving and keep smiling,



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