Photography is the easiest way to make others look what you see, how world is through your perspective.

Every photographer has different way of looking through those lenses which brings out a unique result of their snap. I am not much of a photographer, and I also don’t use any professional camera and/or accessories. But I have been following many photographers on Facebook and Instagram, and I am always amazed by their photos.

So well few days back I was on my way back from university in evening and I just looked above to see how those separated clouds, blue sky in between, are partial white and grey fluff and partial orange as if burning on fire. I just thought this sunset would be beautiful to capture, so as I reached home I just kept going upstairs towards the terrace of the building from where I can have a good view of the open sky.

And that beauty surely left me awestruck. The way nature play with the colors is so perfect and artistic. Any picture is not good enough to justify that beauty but I tried to capture that beauteous moment.

Sunsets are so gorgeous..


Keep loving and keep smiling,




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