Light or Darkness [Liminality]

Light Up!!

Well I am not a pro blogger. But I surely am trying to express my thoughts in the best and easiest way possible. Being a beginner and new on WordPress, as I got some time spared from everything, I was just looking and discovering all about this site. So I found this daily and weekly challenges and they are amazing.

One-word prompt, this reminded me of my high school period when I was doing O Levels, and for preparing our English examinations, how we were given a topic to write about. It has been a while since I have done this. As I am from Pakistan and English is not the first language, it surely is difficult for me to write in a proper way but we learn, try and improve.

So the topic I read, Liminal. Wow, the first thing came in my mind was “that’s a new word!” and then I was in this liminal thought of “shall I write about it or not?”

Then I was like how am I supposed to write about something which I didn’t even understand. Haha.

So I looked it up off course to take my mind out of that liminal state where my thought was hanging between to write or not to write.

This is my 6th post and I had no idea what to write about, so luckily there is something now. And yeah I learned a new word, an addition in my vocabulary.

In a state of stress, depression, anger and out of all hopes; every person start to change. There comes a point in these times when you no longer are able to think straight and get stuck in that liminality of keep going or give up; be who you are or be someone you never were; become stronger on a way you are or take a short-way never realizing how harmful it would be either for you or for someone around.

The idea is to remain optimistic. This all depends on person itself. In situations like these, the only step to take is towards positivity. Maybe it would be hardest but believe me in the end you will come out of it to be a better person than you were. But for that, you yourself have to move towards that betterment for your own sake. All endings are not happy, but even the little happiness can make you feel alive again.

The darkness is nothing but the absence of light, and that light has to be searched which would always be within you somewhere. Keep looking for it and follow the trail.

Keep loving and keep smiling,