Worst of All!

There is one thing I have always hated and ran away from. Whenever it has come to sketch or draw or even coloring or painting, I never was good in it and am not even now.

It has always been something which I couldn’t do and couldn’t even improve. But I always admire whenever I see any perfect sketch or beautiful painting and those artists have always inspired me.

As I have always been worst in sketching, I kept it away as I never improved. But a fact is that I never gave it enough time maybe.

Whenever I was bored from studies, instead of closing books and leave it to be, I sometimes used to start drawing random lines straight or curved, joining them together making it some weirdo stuff. Well it got better when I started doing more often and one of them looked really good so I shared it online.

I don’t know what to call it doodle or whatever but I have continued to sketch this stuff more often.

Yes, this happens..!!


Keep loving and keep smiling,