View from Above..

So it’s been a while since I have posted. There was so much going on due to which I couldn’t cope up with the blog.

I had exams and the semester ended with much better grades than expected. Then I travelled home, after about two freakin years. There was much excitement as it is really a long long time to be away from home.

As the journey was long enough to capture the midair moments. I think I spent almost all that time to photograph and videograph that journey. I loved to take photos of this beautiful earth from above.

Everything seems so much smaller. Travelling in winter is really amazing. Either you see that sea of fluffy clouds all around till far away or everything covered in white due to snow. So satisfying view.

I would love to share some photos of this journey..

Picture on the left is of TRNC. Those flags of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is said to be visible from anywhere in the capital and it is really true. I was really lucky enough to get this beautiful shot through the clouds.

Picture on right is when we were somewhere above Ankara maybe. All covered in ice, as there was a heavy snowfall in that week. This was a really beautiful sight.

Keep loving and keep smiling,